Learn about committees and activities in our community! If you are interested in joining an existing committee, please contact the board of directors or your community manager.

Volunteers are always welcome to participate in any or all of the following committees:

Activities Committee

The Activities Committee is responsible for advising the HOA Board regarding issues related to the development and implementation of social, cultural, and recreational activities and programs.  The committee implements such activities as dances, pot luck dinners, trips to theaters, fashion shows, and much more.  

Architectural Committee

The Architectural Committee is responsible for considering and acting upon residents' requests for proposals or plans relating to homeowner's unit construction and improvements within Carroll Vista to ensure that they conform to the Architectural Standards set by the HOA.  This includes approval of any changes to homes such as decks and additions to the home proper, storm doors, solar panels, color of outside painting etc. 

Communications Committee 

The Communications Committee advised the HOA Board on issues affecting dissemination of information to the association membership.  It maintains the community website which has current information about snow removal and emergencies affecting the community, plus all documents and by-laws, committee functions, calendars, etc.  This group also produces a yearly resident directory, provides a periodic picture directory, holds community education forums, supervises elections, etc. 

Facilities Committee

The Facilities Committee advises the HOA Board on issues affecting the use and enjoyment of the commonly owned Facilities by the membership.  This includes the Clubhouse, swimming pools, tennis courts, etc. 

Financial Advisory Committee

The Financial Advisory Committee advises the HOA Board on issues affecting the financial position of the Home Owner's Association.  

Grounds Committee

The Grounds Committee advises the HOA Board on issues affecting the use and enjoyment of the commonly owned grounds.  This includes grass cutting, snow removal over 3 inches, planting of trees and bushes in common and limited common areas, supervision  of conforming to rules, etc.